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Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Plain & Simple Book Publishing Offer?

*No upfront costs to the author
*Free basic layout and design
*Free cover design

Will I Be Paid Royalties on Sales?

*You will receive a percentage of the cover price for every copy sold on or Kindle

Can I Sell My Book Myself?

*Yes, you will be able to order copies of your book through us for resale to family, friends, local bookstores, etc.

Who Will Own The Copyright to My Book?

*You will, always!

What if after I publish with Plain & Simple Books, and choose to re-publish at a later date?

Authors are allowed to "opt-out" of their contracts as long as written proof of a new monetary contract is provided. This is a great "no-strings" publishing options especially for first-time authors.


*No less than 50 pages and a page limit of 300
*All books are industry standard sizes with a gloss cover and white pages
*No hardcover or photo books
*There is no paid advance to authors
*Unedited manuscripts will be declined (
editorial services are available if needed)
*Author must purchase one review copy
*Author is responsible for helping promote and market their book
*Commissions are mailed bi-annually and must be over $20.00 or will carry over to the next statement.
*Contract required.
*Our author's books are printed and shipped from the United States. If you reside outside the United States, and you order copies for your personal distribution, your shipping expense could be higher than for those of U.S. authors. It is always our hope that our authors will actively help in promoting and selling their books. Whereas, our U.S. authors are able to purchase copies within a budget which enables them to sell to additional outlets while maintaining profit, when shipping costs are higher, that margin of profit can be drastically reduced.



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