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If you are a writer seeking to publish your book, the new Plain & Simple Book Publishing may be the easier and faster solution to meet your needs; a more personal and one-on-one relationship where we work together to achieve the ultimate goal of seeing your book in print.

About us:

We are a new and different type of U.S. publishing. We are not specifically a traditional, self, POD, or vanity publisher; we sit somewhere in the center of all those and like to be titled as "Assistance Publishing."

Our goal is to help writers become published the easiest way possible without losing their book profits or copyright.

Only you can decide if this publishing method is the right choice for you. There is no upfront cost to the author and the finished books are of extreme quality.  Read more in our FAQ.

Why publish with us?

*No upfront cost to the author
*Free basic layout and design
*Free basic cover design
*Earn commission on Amazon and Kindle sales
*Keep your copyright and re-publishing option!
*But most of all, to see your book in print!

At this time, Plain & Simple Books is accepting submissions in all genres.
Please see our Submission page for details.

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